Showcase Investors Required.
If you love our homes, why not consider buying a working Inline Designer Homes showcase home as an investment? With a return of up to 7.0% of the purchase price per annum, display homes can be a great option for the astute investor.

Inline Designer Homes pays a premium rental return of up to 7.0% of the purchase price of the property, with rent paid on a monthly basis. For example, a display home sold for $900,000 with a 7.0 % return would yield $63,000 rent per year, or $5200 per month.

As the tenant, Inline Homes will maintain the property (both home and grounds) in excellent condition throughout the life of the display. Furthermore you will have peace of mind knowing you have purchased a property from an MBAV award winning premium home builder

We are currently exploring sites in established inner ring suburbs, with design options to suit a suitable investor. Our showcase home would be completed to our award winning standards with a number of quality upgrades included. A functional landscape package would be included.

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Benefits include:

  • – Guaranteed tenant for the lifespan of the display, Min. two years with options for 3rd and 4th years
  • – High rental yield while the property is a display home because the builder pays rent at a commercial rate;
  • – Even though the rent is paid at a commercial rate, the property is treated as a residential building for tax purposes;
  • – The house is at the highest quality as the builder is keen to showcase their best work;
  • – Depreciation can still be claimed;
  • – High short term returns during the lease back period could generate sufficient income to fund a deposit on the next addition to your investment portfolio;
  • – Gardens and outdoor areas will be landscaped and well maintained by the builder while the property operates as a display home;
  • – Builders/developers make great tenants and often have the property professionally cleaned at least twice a week;
  • – Your investment property will be surrounded by quality homes on an attractive street;
  • – There is no need for a property manager so you save on property management fees;
  • – Likely to attract quality tenants and a premium rent once it is no longer leased by the builder.

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Display Homes are an attractive investment, with the benefits of a reputable and reliable tenant and peace of mind, and with options to move into, lease or sell the property at the end of the agreement.

For more information please call 1300 107 110 or 0401 275 762 or email