Our Process

Our Unique Design & Construction Process……………….


At Inline Designer Homes, we have developed a process that provides clarity and options to provide a clear pathway from the very first meeting with us.

We recommend that we start with a casual onsite meeting to discuss your requirements and review the site conditions. From this we can provide an overview of building costs to match your brief.

1.  Site Visit                                                    (45-60 minutes)

  • Discuss your requirements
  • Assess site conditions for opportunities and restraints
  • Review council or developer restrictions and guidelines


2.  Design Brief and Project Proposal                 (one to two weeks)

  • Develop the design brief
  • Benchmark pricing against a standard design
  • Provide a project proposal and base specification


3.  Site Investigation & Concept Design               (two to three weeks)

  • Order soil tests and surveys
  • Get council and authority reports
  • Develop initial concept design


4.  Develop Design, Specification and Tender      (two to three weeks)

  • Develop design for final presentation
  • Provide siting and site works analysis
  • Develop detailed specifications
  • Develop fixed price tender


5.  Prepare Contract Documentation                  (*six to ten weeks)

  • Prepare final working drawings for contract and construction
  • Finalise Selection of fittings and fixtures
  • Finalise Colours and interiors
  • Finalise Structural engineering & energy ratings.
  • Apply for approvals. *Town Planning, ARC, Building Approvals
  • Prepare building contracts


*Note: Town Planning applications time frames are hard to predict and may add 3-12 months to overall timeframes. Time frames are based on standard building approvals


6.  Construction                                       (*six to twelve months)


  • On receipt of the building approval, we will commence construction within 20 days. As every one of our homes is a “one off”, the construction time varies, dependent on the design and inclusions. However, a typical build time for a two storey home of between 350 to 450 square meters, is approximately seven to nine months.



During construction, should you have any questions at any time, we will be happy to meet you either in the office or on the site. We want you to be comfortable you are getting what you expect from us. Should you wish to make any changes; a variation document will be raised, and signed by both parties. Progress payments will vary from project to project. A typical project might have the  following stages: Base stage, Frame stage, Lock up stage , Fixing stage and Final claim on completion.

Taking Possession

When all work is completed you will be invited to inspect your new home with your Building Supervisor and do a ‘walk through’. When your home has reached ‘Practical Completion’ and our office has received all outstanding monies, you will be presented with all necessary warranties, certificates and of course your personal keys. We include a six months minor defects liability period, and six and  a half year structural warranty. Please contact us should you experience any difficulty.

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