Concept to Completion

Concept to Completion

On average, there are ten stages of design, approval and construction in the process of building a home. During this time one needs to liaise with at least half a dozen specialists as well as countless trades, subcontractors and suppliers.

It is imperative to understand each stage of the process and the timings required to ensure the project stays on time and on budget.

If that all seems to hard and you find the task overwhelming or you’re simply too busy, Inline Designer Homes runs a “One Stop Shop” approach specifically for this situation.

Inline Designer Homes have an experienced in house team of specialists including designers, estimators, construction managers, site managers and interior designers to name a few. In addition, a dedicated team of project managers coordinate and oversee the administration process and finest details including surveying, soil tests, engineering, town planning, specification, building approvals and certification.

This “One Stop Shop” approach means the entire project can be done for a fixed priced on a fixed schedule. There is also peace of mind that the process is being handled by professionals and once your selections are made you can sit back and enjoy the building process.

If you are considering building a new home, A major renovation or a multi-residential development,  we’re here to help…

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