Building Costs??

A Guide to Building Costs

Building or Renovating a home is an expensive exercise and pricing varies greatly. It is unwise to rely on square metre rates as there are many factors in regards to the cost to build or renovate.

The first consideration will be the site itself. Sloping, soil conditions, location, developer and council restrictions and other elements will have a bearing on cost and need to be invetsigated to ensure that they are considered in any preliminary proposal.

We would recommend that as a guide only, that building prices would range with our homes as follows:

Entry level, simple fitout on a reasonable site. Estimate price range $1350 – $1500 per metre square.

Mid Range home, Good Level fitout, Full Air Conditioning.Estimate price range $1500 – $1800 per metre square.

High End Home. Very detailed Design. High Level fitout. Estimate price range $2000 – $3000 per metre square.

We have developed a number of standard designs with pricing options as a starting point. These plans can be adapted or used as a template for your project. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements

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