8 Star Living

8 Star Energy Efficient Homes

An energy efficient home is designed to deliver maximum comfort to occupants by making the most of free natural heating, cooling and lighting and utilising efficient design principles and building materials to reduce the need for appliances.

An energy efficient home costs no more to build than a conventional home and is more comfortable and easier to maintain, has reduced energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

For a home to be energy efficient it needs to have all the right elements of design. These include consideration of the following design requirements:

•Orientation and location of the home
•Layout and zoning – Insulating your home
•Glazing – windows, skylights and other glazed surfaces
•Ventilation and Draught proofing
•Thermal mass

We have developed a number of designs that achieve an Eight Star Energy rating using First Rate 5. The industry standard for the energy rating of new homes. If you are looking to achieve more with the design of your new home, speak to us about designing an energy efficient home.

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