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Welcome to Inline Designer Homes specialising in building custom homes and residential development design and construction. Our experienced team can offer innovative solutions and a fresh approach to construction with great customer service.

Building a house of your specific requirements is exciting, but may give you a hard time with a number of processes involved from start to completion. There are various stages involved in building a house that include town planning, design, approval, site preparation, and of course construction. With inline, we have a well co-ordinated process where you can discuss everything with us from the initial concept to construction. This saves your time in meeting with teams of architects, tradespeople, subcontractors or suppliers.

Inline team ensures that your project stays on track, with our dedicated team of custom house builders, construction managers, estimators and more, all working together towards quality and timely completion of your project. Our project managers will coordinate and oversee processes such as soil tests, town planning, building approvals and certificates, surveys, specifications and engineering. All that is left for you to do is enjoy the building process, knowing your project is being handled by professional home builders.

You’ve spared no effort in creating wonderful plans for your home. The job now is to do them justice.


  • been through all the soul searching of what you desire your new home to be.
  • lost count of all the discussions and dealings you’ve had with your architect.
  • been presented with all kinds of inspiring design ideas.
  • agonised over decisions on your room sizes, layout, façade and finishes.
  • looked to carefully balance aesthetic appeal with practicalities and now, after all the refinements along the way, your plans are ready to bring to life.

To do justice to the vision you have on paper, there is no substitute for selecting a custom builder who respects the importance of being truly in-tune with your expectations. A specialist who in faithfully following your drawings continually looks to reflect the inspiration behind them.

The systematic approach of our experienced team makes sure that your project can be completed on a fixed price and fixed schedule. A company whose boutique reputation is built on going the extra mile to craft every element with real finesse. From beginning to end inside and out. These are the one-of-a-kind qualities that come with choosing Inline Designer Homes.

If you wish to book a free consultation, or would like to discuss your building project with one of our experienced custom home builders, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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